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Embracing Change – Essential Steps To Make Your Future Today

Embracing Change
by Tony Buzan

embracing-change-essential-steps-make-future-todayEmbracing Change – Essential Steps To Make Your Future Today, Change is a feature of our lives. It happens all around us, throughout every millisecond of our lives. Your entire mind body system is designed not only to deal with change – but to thrive on it.

In EMBRACING CHANGE Tony Buzan offers a positive approach, drawing on his highly effective Mind Mapping techniques, to help you understand change and be proactive in handling it.

Whatever your circumstances, Tony enables you to develop belief in your ability to live with and manage the effects of change in your personal and working lives by guiding you through the process of recognizing who you are, who you want to be, and what you want to achieve so that through all periods of change you find success