Speed Reading to Accelerate Learning – eCourse

The ability to read with purpose, focus and speed is one of the most valuable skills you can develop. It is a ticket to long term success.

When you appreciate that learning is essentially a four stage process of:

  • Getting information in (Reading, watching, exploring, etc)
  • Organizing and adapting the information you’ve gathered (Mind Mapping and more)
  • Retaining and recalling key points, issues, ideas, insights etc from the information you have organised and adapted to your purpose (Improved Memory)
  • Applying and using the information you now have to create new, unique and creative solutions

you have a simple system of being able to learn anything.

In this free eCourse we will explore the first stage of this process, by looking at reading with purpose, focus and speed.  Once subscribed you will receive a short email each day that will give some easy to follow insights, hints, tips and techniques to get information in better and faster, so you can start to Manage Information Overload.

We also run a range of Buzan workshops for individuals and in-house for organizations.