Creative Problem Solving for Frontline Innovation

Frontline InnovationInnovation is led from the top, but happens at the frontline – usually in the form of Creative Problem Solving or Process Improvement.  It makes sense – give people the insights, tools and training to improve and innovate within their sphere of influence and they WILL support the organisation’s strategic and innovation goals.

They become your in-house innovation champions that drive business growth!

This fast paced blended program looks at the process and tools that enable individual and team creativity and innovation, and the development of new ideas that deliver winning results.

This program gives participants a number of simple but powerfully effective thinking tools that will alter their approach and ability to think creatively and productively about how to solve problems, improve processes, and support innovation. In it participants will:

  • understand the nature of productive and creative thinking and how they combine to give you a powerful problem solving framework
  • appreciate how the deliberate application of thinking tools leads to creativity on demand and inspires innovation at all levels
  • be able to focus their creative energy when and where desired


People and organisations that understand and use Creative Problem Solving methods:

  • can focus on achieving real results from clear thinking
  • creatively solve problems and make better decisions – faster
  • plan and manage change more thoroughly and effectively
  • generate more innovative ideas to enhance organisational performance

This workshop significantly enhances Creative Problem Solving, giving individuals and teams creativity on demand while maintaining a clear focus on the outcome sought. Exposure to these methods encourages participants to see things in a new light and motivates them to think, talk, act and work in new and innovative ways.

Workshop Outline

This is a fast paced and interactive introductory workshop available as a 1/2 or 1-Day In-house program.

This program looks at the fundamentals of Frontline Creative Problem Solving, Process Improvement, and Opportunity Development.  Tailored to you needs, topics may include:

  • Understanding Deliberate Thinking as a means for creativity on demand
    • Thinking about thinking before ‘reacting’ – when and where needed
  • Shifting perception as the key to ‘seeing’ new opportunities, ideas and concepts
    • Perception can blind us to new opportunities
    • Or allow us to always be one step ahead of the game
  • Adopting a divergent-convergent thinking process to open up thinking
    • Open thinking up to new possibilities
    • Design and developp potential innovation
  • Opportunity and Focus to direct individual and team creativity
    • There is always more than one way to see an issue
  • Imagineering to develop a shared vision of goals to be achieved
    • Visualisation is vital, but not enough
    • Engineering goals into reality is the key to success
  • Thinking outside the square to generate great new ideas using lateral thinking
    • Provocation is vital to open up to new ideas
    • Moving from random entries and fanning for ideas is a skill
  • How and when to use Creative Problem Solving
    • Thinking is not enough, commitment is not enough, ACTION is needed
  • Getting Started – Continued development and application
    • Identifying workplace challenges to start on


Bill Jarrard, Innovation Facilitator and Co-Founder, Mindwerx International

Who should attend? 

Ideally suited for individuals and teams who wish to learn to unleash their creative genius to solve problems, improve processes and generally work more innovatively.

A Mindwerx Blended Program 

This Mindwerx Blended Learning Engagement extends the learning post-workshop as participants get access to several online Mindwerx eLessons to build on their knowledge and skills. The aim is to continue the learning journey well after the workshop.

Very Good. Felt the major benefit was walking away with the empowering feeling that creative thinking can be tackled in a deliberate manner. Prior to the workshop, some may have felt that this was only in the domain of the ‘dreamy, arty’ people.
Rod Chapman, Manager Information Technology, VicRoads
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