Online Training Modules – Deliberate Creativity & Innovation

Drawn from Mindwerx benchmark Deliberate Creativity & Innovation and other programs, this fully online program is literally a master course on creative thinking and innovation. Below is a detailed list of the eModules available.  Each eModule also stands on its own, addressing the specific subject matter being addressed, but together create an amazing learning experience.

If you haven’t already viewed it, we recommend you view the module DCI-00 Preview of Deliberate Creativity & Innovation to get a good overall view of what our eLearning programs aim to do.  You can also view DCI-01 Program Introduction to fully understand how the modules unfold and are approached.

If you want to get a good practical look at specific topics or tools you can buy individual eModules, but  the complete set of 12 eModules is currently priced at a very special prices that saves you over $130 of the combined price – see bottom of this page.

DCI-00 : Program Overview

  • This module gives an introduction to the purpose of the course, how it works, and is aimed at giving viewers enough information to decide to participate or approve a staff member’s participation.
  • In 9 mins in 3 short videos you get a full appreciation of the program
  • Course information sheets, FAQs, overview, testimonials
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DCI-01 : Welcome & Program Introduction

  • Full course overview, approach, books, reading, expectations
  • Introduction to using the modules
  • Introductions – Lecturer, participants and course
  • 4 videos totalling 33 mins this is a comprehensive look at the program
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DCI-02 : Introduction to Deliberate Creative Thinking

  • 3 videos totalling 29 mins
  • Power of perception, reactive-passive-deliberate thinking
  • Applied Creativity & Innovation model
  • Exercise – Take the Mindwerx Creativity Survey
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DCI-03 : Areas of Opportunity and Focus

  • 4 videos totalling 41 mins
  • Finding areas of opportunity
  • Open and target Focus, multiple definitions and focus statements
  • The Red Car List for directing thinking
  • Exercise – Develop you own ‘Red Car’ List
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DCI-04 : Imagineering

  • 5 videos totalling 41 mins
  • Introduction to visualisation and gap analysis
  • Creative imaging to guide strategic thinking
  • Other techniques for Imagineering at all levels
  • Exercise – Complete an Imagineering activity
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DCI-05 : Mind Mapping

  • 5 videos totalling 51 mins
  • Radiant and whole brain thinking,
  • Mind Maps, Examples, Laws
  • Exercise – Mind Map a personal or business event
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DCI-06 : Organisational Creativity and Innovation

  • 4 videos totalling 29 mins
  • Defining creativity and innovation,
  • Creative process Ideas-Innovations -Applications/ implementation/ commercialisation
  • Exercise – Suggested reading
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DCI-07 : The Power of Parallel Thinking

  • 3 videos totalling 33 mins
  • Reactive vs directed thinking,
  • Principles and tools for parallel thinking
  • Intro to Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats
  • Other tools for Parallel Thinking
  • Exercise – Using a parallel thinking tool
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DCI-08 : de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats®

  • 4 videos totalling 45 mins
  • Six Thinking Hats In-depth
  • Exercise – Thinking activity using de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats
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DCI-09 : Creative Ideation 1

  • 4 videos totalling 40 mins
  • Brainstorming and beyond
  • Introduction to Lateral Thinking
  • Random Word and Concept Extraction
  • Concept fanning to extend ideas into new areas
  • Exercise – Brainstorming followed by Concept fanning
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DCI-10 : Creative Ideation 2

  • 3 videos totalling 36 mins
  • Idea Box
  • Exercise – Ideation using a couple of new tools
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DCI-11 : Idea Harvesting, Design & Implementation

  • 3 videos totalling 50 mins
  • Idea categorisation and harvesting
  • Designing Potential Solutions
  • Implementation
  • Exercise – Harvesting and design of ideas
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DCI-12 : Organisational Creativity and Innovation

  • 5 videos totalling 74 mins
  • Corporate Creativity and Innovation
  • An exploration of what works and why
  • Creating a culture of creativity and innovation
  • Exercise – Suggested reading
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