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what-people-say-about-usMindwerx core business is helping people and organisations achieve success by being more creative and productive, and we do this through programs, presentations, or facilitated events similar to the one we will design for you.

While each client program is uniquely tailored to your needs, below are just some of the comments people have made about working with us.

You can also see what people say about us on our LinkedIn pages. Bill Jarrard   and    Jennifer Goddard

Bill Jarrard and Jennifer Goddard are top-class communicators with a message that is crucially relevant to the evolving world: the genesis of a Learning Planet, where brains and wits must trump guns and bullets. They succeed in this endeavour via an eloquent immersion in the domains of creativity & innovation across a multiplicity of platforms. I salute their resolute spirit and am proud and privileged to know them.
Dilip Mukerjea, CEO at Braindancing International
Bill and the team at Mindwerx provide a service that many people promise or aspire to but few really deliver; tapping into the creativity of your staff. If you need someone to draw ideas for change & innovation from your staff & to provide them with tools to do this on an ongoing basis then contact Bill.
Cameron Strathdee, Change Manager at Australia Post
Mindwerx was instrumental in helping us develop a program of step-change initiatives that took our business unit to whole new levels of operating performance. They used their unique combination of skills, tools and engaging style to challenge our thinking. Bill and Jennifer are thorough professionals who deliver results way beyond anything possible with “regular” processes and with minimal time and effort
Tony Fedorowicz, Value Chain Optimiser (formerly with Orica Explosives)
Experts are multiplying. Some are genuine experts. Jennifer Goddard and Bill Jarrard are true experts in the field of Mind Mapping and better use of our neck top computers. I have seen them at work and have seen the results they achieve. I couldn’t recommend Mindwerx more highly.
Paddy Spruce, Speaker, Workshop Presenter, Facilitator & Coach
Bill Jarrard is a leader at the Buzan Centre who helps to create great instructors who help others learn. He’s not only passionate about this work, he’s incredibly helpful and has a great eye for detail – he pays attention to everything that is put to him and supports the creative ideas of others at every opportunity. He gets great satisfaction from helping students of all ages in how to learn better, and to learn in more creative ways and to understand their learning. I’m very happy to recommend Bill and his great work.
Nerelie Teese, Head of Information and Research, Ipswich Girls' Grammar
Bill and the Mindwerx team designed and facilitated a program to unleash the creative powers of ANZ’s Institutional teams with outstanding business results.
David Holmes, Senior Consultant at The Mosaic Company (formerly with ANZ Bank)
Bill Jarrard and Mindwerx have been at the forefront of providing the latest creativity and innovation products and services for many years. This, combined with a passion and dedication for assisting others, makes them one of the leading innovation practitioners in Australia.
Sebastian Salicru, Business Psychologist, Innovation & Change Leadership
Bill and his Mindwerx team are amazing facilitators who draw upon a deep pool of knowledge, wisdom and experience across a wide variety of topics, particularly those relating to creative and innovative thinking. At the same time Bill makes learning fun and enjoyable. Learnings gained from Bill have given me the tools and the confidence I needed in not only the corporate landscape but also in getting my own business off the ground. Thanks Bill.
Nick Bursey, Solutions Architect, Data Center Solutions Group at Dell
Bill is a very unique businessman. His insight, knowledge and vision into the inner working of business and people is extraordinary, and yet Bill can turn this skill and make it appear simple and easy… Bill is a master communicator and brilliant problem solver. I’d happily recommend Bill and Mindwerx to anyone in business who is looking to build
Paul Hooley, Founder/Principal Innov8ing Results
Bill Jarrard and Jennifer Goddard are perfect examples of a team that set goals and achieve them. They took a great risk by entering the thinking and creativity arena way ahead of many others and have made a real success by following through diligently with the detail and with imagination. Their contribution to clients is always significant and the resources they provide access to are invaluable.
Max Dumais, ThinkCoach at Ahead of the Game (founding CEO, de Bono Institute Australia)
I have worked with Bill and the team at Mindwerx on many occasions over the past 15 years both privately and with the Victorian and Queensland Governments. Their subject matter expertise is fantastic and they are is dead-easy to work with. I’ve seen and experienced their training, presentations, and skill in helping others to improve their thinking and recommend them highly!
Frank Connolly, Innovation Practitioner @ Think Quick
Bill worked as a consultant to QER over several years, facilitating executive team strategy development, running project team workshops, training our people in Applied Creativity & Innovation, and providing the executive and technical teams with on-going advice.

He knows more about applied innovation and creativity than most people have forgotten.

His work ethic, creativity, integrity, ability to deliver results, and his desire to exceed client expectations are second to none. He is an inspiring leader in his field, and as well, a great human being to work with

Peter Zambelli, Director Corporate Affairs and HR
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