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Mindwerx International (including the Buzan Centre: Australia) is led by co-founders and master trainers Bill Jarrard and Jennifer Goddard, who bring their own unique experiences and skills to assist and support you and your team.

Behind the scenes we are inspired by long time mentors Edward de Bono, a leader in critical and creative thinking, and Tony Buzan, a leader in advanced learning and study techniques.  We have been using the methods both Edward and Tony developed, share many of their same goals, and have promoted and assisted others with their techniques for 25 years.

And we also draw inspiration and experience of a wide range of other great creatives and innovators, as we work with individuals and organizations to help them Think, Learn, and Innovate better.

Jennifer Goddard
Jennifer GoddardMaster Brain Trainer
Jennifer is Director of The Buzan Centre and co-founder of Mindwerx. A Senior Master Trainer in Buzan’s Mind Mapping®, Speed Reading, iMindMap, Enhanced Memory, and Study Skills she coaches people worldwide and works with a wide variety of organisations in Australia, NZ, USA, UK and Asia.

A Fellow of the Institute for Learning Professionals Jennifer has a passion for mental literacy, whole brain thinking, our multiple intelligences and she works with Tony Buzan around the world. She has a Master of Entrepreneurship & Innovation, and is a facilitator in the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI)®.

Interestingly, Jennifer is the convenor of the Australian Memory Championships, was Chief Operations Manager at the World Memory Championships, and was crowned “Memory Maven” by Australian Anthill Magazine.

An experienced trainer in a number of disciplines, she is a skilled educator/presenter that makes learning a pleasure for those who participate on her programs.

Jennifer has a personal passion for mental literacy, whole brain thinking, holanthropy (the study of interrelated functions of the brain and body), and multiple intelligences.

Jennifer trains and coaches Advanced Learning Techniques, including Speed Reading and Memory Development, and personally works with Tony Buzan around the world.

Bill Jarrard
Bill JarrardInnovation Facilitator
For more than 25 years Bill’s focus has been on helping people and organizations succeed through the application of Critical & Creative Thinking to Make Innovation Happen.

As co-founder of Mindwerx he has worked with organisations in more than a dozen countries to help them succeed with Applied Creativity & Innovation.

Bill has a Master of Entrepreneurship & Innovation, and since 2000 has also lectured on creativity and innovation at universities in Australia, Israel, Asia and the USA.

A Fellow of the Institute for Learning Professionals he is considered a thought leader in his area and has spoken to thousands of people on Critical & Creative Thinking, Leading Innovation, Strategic Thinking, and more.

He is an experienced Innovation Facilitator, a senior instructor in Edward de Bono’s Serious Creativity techniques and Tony Buzan’s advanced learning techniques of Mind Mapping and Speed Reading.

He is a master trainer and professional educator who through the power of imagination, stories based on professional experience, and the latest thinking on what makes organizations and leaders great, he brings answers to the people and organizations he works with.

Bill’s primary aim in working with others is to help them Think, Learn, and Innovate better, so they achieve the results and future they want.

Her team approach, challenging nature and constant stream of new ideas added much to the effectiveness and productivity in the organisation. Everyone that worked with her found her professional, insightful, and delightful.
Cor Peeters, GM Customer Operations, Yarra valley Water
Bill is a very unique businessman. His insight, knowledge and vision into the inner working of business and people is extraordinary, and yet Bill can turn this skill and make it appear simple and easy… Bill is a master communicator and brilliant problem solver. I’d happily recommend Bill and Mindwerx to anyone in business who is looking to build
Paul Hooley
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