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Jennifer Goddard BBus (Admin), MEI

Jennifer is an inspiring and thought provoking speaker, trainer, coach, and facilitator who understands the importance of boosting competencies, productivity and effectiveness of those she works with.

She has a suite of tools focussed on building the knowledge, skills and abilities of participants/practitioners to help them fully realise their potential to contribute within their specific environments.

Over the last 20 years she has trained in a wide variety of organisations, and completed major assignments in Australia, NZ, China, SE Asia, UAE, USA, South Africa and UK. She is experienced in delivering a wide range of programs, from Bite-sized workshops, online modules, lecturing in undergraduate and graduate subjects, up to week long programs as a Master Trainer. Her success at completing a very broad range of assignments is an indication of her versatility and competence at meeting her personal mission – to Add Value to the people and companies she works with!

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Author’s name: Jennifer Goddard
Organisation: Mindwerx

Jennifer is Tony Buzan’s master trainer in Mind Mapping.  If you’d like to work with Jennifer she does a lot of coaching on Mind Mapping, Speed Reading and Memory.  And she is a great presenter for your next conference.  If you’d like to work with her email us at

Mind Maps as developed by Tony Buzan are now used by millions of people globally, and this is another great example.  At Mindwerx we love Mind Mapping, and have free eCourses, Online programs and in-house workshops we can deliver for your organisation. Check out our Advanced Learning Skills programs.

Mindwerx International also facilitates a range of critical and creative thinking programs, including several workshop looking at Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hat®, Lateral Thinking, and DATT.  The aim is to help you Think, Learn, and Innovate better.

And we can facilitate strategic thinking workshops with executive teams, run innovation scums, and guide you on our benchmark 90-Day Innovation Challenge.  Contact us for more information at