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mind-stuff-australiaThe Mindwerx Mind Stuff pages give you access to a wide range of interesting and valuable information. Here you will find the Mind Map Gallery, dozens of articles, creativity templates and tools, links to cools sites, and even lots of free mind stuff and courses.

Have fun exploring this area and if you have anything you’d like to contribute, email team@mindwerx.com so we can have a look and maybe load it up for others to enjoy.

Mind Map Gallery

Mind Map Gallery

Since we started Mindwerx in 1998, we have taught thousands of people to Mind Map, and in this gallery we have many of the Mind Maps we’ve collected.

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Articles / Papers

Mindwerx articles papers

Articles, papers, and reports on creativity, innovation, how the mind works, learning and study skills, critical and creative thinking, multiple intelligence, and more.

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FREE eMail eCourses

Free eCourses to subscribe to.  Each eCourse is a series of short emails, which generally arrive over a period of two or three weeks – every day or second day.

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Creativity Exchange Network

Mindwerx Creativity Exchange Network CEN is a network for creative thinkers, and innovators

The Creativity Exchange Network – CEN (pronounced ken) is a forum for creative thinkers, learning and development professionals, change agents, and innovators who want to share ideas with like-minded people.

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Friends & Links

The Mindwerx team, Bill and Jennifer have now worked in 22 countries and we have links with people globally.  Here we share just a few you might like.

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Millionaire Mind Skills

To be successful, you should learn from and be around people already successful.  Success comes in many forms, and what these mentors teach you is invaluable.

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