Advanced Learning Techniques

advanced-learning-techniques-australiaLearning and study success depends on 4 vital skills…

  1. Effectively and efficiently getting information in (speed reading, listening, watching, studying)
  2. Organizing and storing it well for future use (comprehension, note taking, Mind Mapping)
  3. Recalling it as and when you need it (memory, integration)
  4. And then using it to lock it into your knowledge database to creatively design the solutions you need (note making, writing, planning, and creative design)

Mindwerx Advanced Learning and Study Skills programs give you the capability to excel in today complex world, whether you’re in business dealing with vast amounts of new information, or heading back into formal study

Our programs help you to study effectively, to learn how to learn, to think creatively, and to work more successful in teams. And for anyone studying new material whether in formal education or as part of your own professional development, having effective study skills will make the job easier, and more fun.

Each program is a blended learning engagement designed to inspire participants in interactive workshops, supported by post-workshop online material to sustain learning.  This dramatically increases the take-up of new techniques and promotes practical application.

See more on these programs below and also see what public programs we have coming up, including our Qualified Instructor / Facilitator programs.

Advanced learning programs from Mindwerx

Mind Mapping to Get Things Done

Ideal for business people dealing with complex information, and for educators and students, this workshop shows you how to get more from your amazing brain.  It teaches you how to create and use real Mind Maps, as developed by Tony Buzan and used by his senior master trainer Jennifer Goddard.

In it you will learn to Mind Map to study better, lock in learning, think strategically and creatively, plan holistically AND in better detail, capture information more effectively, and to present your ideas better.

This program is available as an in-house program tailored for the specific needs of your people, and as a public program. To discuss how Mind Mapping can give your people an advantage contact us at

More on Mind Mapping

Reading with Purpose & Speed to Accelerate Learning

Speed reading is just one of the skills you’ll learn in this program.  Here you will also learn how to improve comprehension, and be more strategic when reading.  You will be able to read more, and the more you read, the more you know, and the more you know makes you more successful.  It also enhances your creative thinking ability

This program is ideal for busy business people, professionals, educators, and students who have a massive amount of information to process each day.

This program is available as an in-house program tailored for the specific needs of your people, and as a public program.  To discuss how speed reading can make your team more successful contact us at

Learn Speed Reading

Principles of Enhanced Memory

Just like Speed Reading and Creative Thinking, having a great memory is a SKILL anyone can develop.  Recall during learning and recall after learning are simple powerful principles on how you remember, and with that knowledge you will improve your memory skills, and become more memorable.

Similarly remembering names and faces, key events, complex plans, and more, can be mastered – using the right methods and practice.  If you believe you ‘have a lousy memory’ then you need to unlearn that belief and develop an enhanced memory now.  Let us show you how.

This program is available as an in-house program tailored for the specific needs of your people, and occasionally as a public program.  To discuss how you can have the skills of a Memory Champion contact us at

Improve Your Memory

Study Skills for Adults Returning to Formal Study

Whether you last attended formal study 20 years ago, or are starting university this year, having great study skills is crucial to your success.  They give you the confidence to take on complex study, while also allowing you to balance study and other parts of your life.

A typical MBA subject requires about 150 hours of study (in and out of class) in the usual 14 week semester.  If you are studying two subjects each semester, that is more than 3 hours each day, 7 days each week.  We know – both Bill and Jennifer completed Master degrees as adults returning to study, and both lecture at Master level.

So you need an advantage to tackle your studies, and the Mindwerx Study Skills course for adults returning to study gives you that advantage.

This program will occasionally be available as a public program, but Jennifer is available to coach you as well. For more information contact us at

See our Super Study Skills program

Advanced Learning Skills for Busy Professionals

Research done several years ago by IBM highlighted that for the typical business leader or professional to stay updated with current industry knowledge, and stay on top of new information coming in day to day, would require the reading a Million words each week.  And if these are read at the average adult reading speed (240 words/minute) it would require 69 hours each week.  Just to stay up-to-date, never mind getting ahead!

For busy professionals that is simply impossible, so they need an edge to manage information overload.  They need to learn to learn better, faster and more effectively, and this special Mindwerx program is designed specifically for than purpose.  We’ve been there, we have to manage information overload just like you and your people, so we know what it takes.

Let Mindwerx develop in-house program tailored for the specific needs of your people. For more information contact us at

We also offer Executive Mentoring (in confidence) and Personal Coaching on a wide range of topics from strategic thinking and innovation, to advanced learning skills.

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