Reading With Purpose And Speed

speed-reading-fast-iconSpeed Reading to Accelerate Learning

Reading with purpose and speed strategically improves study skills and increases your ability to absorb vital information fast, comprehend it better, and recall it when you need it.

The more effectively you read the better you maximise your capacity to absorb new information and ensure your success!  Whether you’re a student at school or university, a professional intent on staying abreast of the latest industry information, a manager or business owner leading an organisation, or just intent on building on your existing knowledge base, the ability to read strategically and with speed is vital.


Can you read 1,000 words a minute?  With the challenges of information overload you face daily, reading 1,000 words a minute with improved comprehension has become a necessary skill for everyone.  Buzan’s Speed Reading techniques work with how your mind works and give you the capacity to effectively handle and manage incoming information, enabling you to keep one step ahead.

Today’s fast paced world demands the ability to rapidly absorb and understand enormous amounts of new information.  It has been estimated by the United Nations that a knowledge worker in most fields needs to be able to read at least 400 Words per Minute in order to just keep abreast of what is happening in their field.  Yet most people read at 300 WPM or less.  This makes many professionals functionally illiterate!


When properly applied and used to their full extent speed reading techniques allow people to:

  • Double and even triple their current reading speed
  • Increase reading comprehension with broader vocabulary and improved understanding and recall
  • Make faster connections between related themes, issues and ideas to put these to use
  • Rapidly gain an appreciation of new material, and build their knowledge database
  • Get through study material faster and with greater comprehension and recall
  • Finally deal with the pile of reports, papers and magazines in the corner, and the unread books on the bookshelf
  • Read on-screen material easily, and manage emails effectively
  • Bring your reading to life using the new knowledge and skills you’ve gained

Program Outline:

This program will improve the speed of your reading, your ability to focus and concentrate, and your level of comprehension and information retention.  We will look at proven techniques to enhance your ability to use improved reading skills in a range of business and personal situations.

In this interactive workshop participants will:

  • Learn to read strategically, to match your purpose and material to the approach taken to the reading
  • Use the seven steps to effective speed reading so you can absorb more information faster and with greater concentration
  • Develop your eye movement skills to speed reading beyond what you might expect
  • Apply brain skills and functions to effective reading, and learn the reading formulae for success
  • Learn to power browse any book in fifteen minutes
  • Improve study skills and information retention to enhance recall after reading
  • Explore BOST for effective study – the Buzan Organic Study Technique
  • Look at a range of on-screen reading techniques, including iBrain devices widely used today
  • Learn to improve your reading environment to read and learn better
  • Discover Mind Maps® for brilliantly retaining, organising, adapting and recalling information when you want it
  • Be well on the way to effectively Managing Information Overload