DCI-00 Preview of Program – Module Overview

This fully online program developed by Mindwerx International can be tailored to suit the needs of any organisation.  It can be run as a series of modules to be ‘rolled out’ over time with a specific group, or made available through your Learning Management System so your staff can access modules as they wish.

Learning Outcomes

  • See how Mindwerx online programs inspire creativity and innovation
  • Learn the approach to take for online learning
  • Become comfortable with the online platform


  • This module gives an introduction to the purpose of the course, how it works, and is aimed at giving viewers enough information to decide to participate or approve a staff member’s participation.
  • 9 mins of video that will give you an overview of the course

Mind Maps

Each eModule will have a Mind Map overview of what will be covered in the lesson.


Many eModules will have links to other websites, or other pages on this website that will be of value.


Every eModule will have downloadable notes, templates, info sheet and more.  Here is the general course overview.


As part of the course most eModules will have recommended exercises and actions for participants to undertake.  These will help lock-in knowledge and build new skills, and where a participant is part of a corporate cohort or student group they will be able to share their work with others and get feedback from the program facilitators.

For some program these actions can be made an integral part of the program that are submitted to the course facilitators for review and feedback.  For students they can be submitted privately for one-on-one review and grading by the course lecturers.