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Bill is co-founder of Mindwerx International, and the Buzan Centre Australia. His focus is on providing education, training, and facilitation to help individuals and organisations to Think, Learn, and Innovate better.

A Fifth Stage Of Learning To Make Innovation Happen

Learning and Development specialists know, and most managers will be familiar with, the Four Stages of Learning, also referred to as the Four Stages of Competence… Unconscious incompetence Conscious incompetence Conscious competence Unconscious competence In my new article I want to

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Four Stages of Learning: Are They Enough to Make Innovation Happen?

Are you frustrated with the lack of traction in your innovation efforts? Have amazing Innovation plans and strategies been scuttled by those you thought were capable of making Innovation happen? There are many factors that affect an organisation’s ability

ABC Weekends make every weekend a Creative Experience

Make every weekend a Creative Experience Use Deliberate Creative Thinking for your ABC Weekends Creative Thinking is a skill and deliberate act that you can apply to anything - even your romantic endeavours. All you need to do is say

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Do we get the leaders we deserve?

What Type of Leaders do we Need and Want? Effective and inspirational leadership, whether at a national/international political level or a business/team level, is vital for successful and sustained performance.  The big question is what type of leadership?  For leaders

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