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GPS, Map or Compass – What’s Your Leadership Style?

Leadership strategies to lead for innovation And what approach do the people you lead need? A while ago I was talking to one of my clients, a young and dynamic leader of innovation in her organisation, and she was

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The Power Of Why In Strategic Thinking

Disruptive technologies Changing government policy New market or business trends Increasing competition from unexpected sources Staff turnover or disengagement These are some of the reasons recent clients have cited for focusing on the need to be more innovative, and

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ABC Weekends make every weekend a Creative Experience

Make every weekend a Creative Experience Use Deliberate Creative Thinking for your ABC Weekends Creative Thinking is a skill and deliberate act that you can apply to anything - even your romantic endeavours. All you need to do is say

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Innovation Is Simple – But Not Easy!

Strategic Innovation Innovation is Simple, but Not Easy!  This is a lesson many people are now learning. Having studied continuous improvement, creative thinking and innovation since the early 1980s, having read dozens of books and hundreds of articles and papers

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Neuroplasticity Is A Fact – How Our Brain Changes Itself

Some time ago I watched a fascinating interview with Psychiatrist Dr Norman Doidge who has researched the science behind neuroplasticity and written a great book… The Brain that Changes Itself. Here are a few key points that struck a chord …

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The Exponential Shift – Making Transformation Happen – Ci2016 Creative Universe Asia Pacific Conference

Mindwerx is again pleased to be an Endorsing Partner for the Ci2016 Creative Universe Asia Pacific conference in Melbourne in November 2016. The theme for this year’s conference is The Exponential Shift: Making Transformation Happen.  Conference premise: The innovator’s clock is

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Could Finding Your Doppelganger Help Imagineer your Future

As anyone who has ever caught a glimpse or seen a photo of a stranger who looks just like them will know, finding one’s doppelgänger can be an unsettling experience. But for creative leaders and innovative organisations, the concept of

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