Mindwerx is again pleased to be an Endorsing Partner for the Ci2016 Creative Universe Asia Pacific conference in Melbourne in November 2016.

The theme for this year’s conference is The Exponential Shift: Making Transformation Happen. 

Conference premise:

The innovator’s clock is accelerating, meaning leaders today have to confront change of unprecedented ferocity and impact.

This poses an existential challenge to many organizations, who cannot survive, let alone thrive, simply by executing more efficiently and effectively.

It also places stress on individuals—who need to develop the ability to confront ambiguity and sometimes jarring shifts—and institutions designed for a linear age.

While the challenge is immense, so too is the opportunity.

The waves of disruption affecting our global economy are creating massive new growth markets.

Rising to the transformation challenge requires new mindsets, skills, organizational designs, and more, but leaders that do so have a chance to drive substantial growth and impact.

Ci2016 is a place where you can gain insights into how you can do this in your organisation, your profession, and your life.

Mindwerx has been helping organisations make innovation happen and supporting creative leadership in a dozen countries since 1999, and our friends at Creative Universe are great colleagues who are on the same journey.  This is a must attend conference if you believe innovation is vital for success.