Enhanced Memory Skills

Enhanced Memory principles and techniques to enhance your success and make you Stand Out from the Crowd


Have you said, “Oh, if only I had a better memory!”? Memory has been revealed as the number one problem for most individuals. Having an excellent memory enhances your chance at success, because when you train your memory and train your imagination, there is a remarkable increase in concentration, comprehension, recall and creativity.


Today’s fast paced world demands the ability to rapidly cover and absorb enormous amounts of new information. This program accelerates your understanding how your mind works to improve your ability to thrive in an age of Information Overload.  We will look at more proven techniques to enhance your memory in a range of business and personal situations.  In this workshop participants will:

  • Develop an appreciation for why and how memory is the key to your success
  • Discover how The Most Important Graph in the World is their guarantee of personal and business success
  • Use key memory principles to become more positively memorable
  • Learn methods and techniques that enhance short and long term memory
  • Develop the skill of remembering names with faces
  • Understand how to achieve up to 80% increase in retention of future learning
  • Discover the secrets of Memory Champions that amaze the world


Having excellent memory enhances business and personal success, because when you train your memory and train your imagination, there is a remarkable increase in concentration, comprehension, recall, and creativity.  But having an improved memory has many more advantages, because the principles and skills of memory show you how to make a more positive and memorable impact on others.

This dramatically increases your rate of success in everything you do – from first meeting someone new, to delivering a great report or presentation, to structuring your marketing campaign, to skyrocketing your career and much more.

Subsequent to this course you will be aware of the following facts of which less than 1% of the population globally is aware:

  • That memory is a mental skill that can be taught, and used in a wide variety of ways
  • Memory is designed to naturally improve with age – finally we can all continue to succeed forever
  • Everyone has a potentially superb memory, but few do anything with it
  • Memory’s twin is Creativity. When you enhance Memory you enhance Creativity and that is what is most sought after these days
  • Traditional ‘training memory’ methods have in fact ‘trained forgetting’ – you will know how to overcome this
  • Science is increasingly coming to the conclusion that our memories are hundreds of times more capable than previously thought. You will be amazed what memory champions (and you) can do!

Program Outline:

This program will improve the speed of your reading, your ability to focus and concentrate, and your level of comprehension and information retention.  We will look at proven techniques to enhance your ability to use improved reading skills in a range of business and personal situations.

This Tony Buzan inspired interactive workshop will look at proven techniques to enhance your memory in a range of business and personal situations. Participants will:

  • Learn why and how memory is the vital to lasting personal and business success
  • Discover The Most Important Graph in the World – the 7.5 memory principles for personal and business success
  • Explore key memory principles including Primacy, Recency, Association, the Von Restorff Effort, and Imagination
  • Explore twelve more memory principles to improve information retentions and recall
  • Apply memory principles to influence how others see and perceive them
  • Learn the ten pegs for short term memory, use by memory champions and hugely successful sales people
  • Learn the twelve steps to remembering names with faces, because everyone likes to be remembered
  • Understand how to achieve an 80% increase in the retention and recall of information being learned
  • Learn Memory Champions secrets for short term memory, that wow others
  • Explore Mind Maps® – the perfect memory technique for Recall After learning
  • Be well on the way to effectively Managing Information Overload

Who Should Attend?

Ideally suited for anyone challenged with information overload, and who needs and wants to have greater capacity to retain and recall key information, remember people they meet, and use improved memory skills to achieve more.  Having a reliable memory is vital for business and career success.  Great for those returning to study, or who wish to learn highly effective skills to enhance the most complex thing in the universe – the Brain!

Remember everyone can benefit from a better memory and using the principles of memory anyone can become more positively memorable.

How and for what will you be best remembered for?


Jennifer Goddard, Co-founder: Mindwerx International, Director: the Buzan Centre: Aust/NZ; Convenor: Australian Memory Championships; and Senior Arbiter: World Memory Championships

Memory is the mother of all wisdom.              ….Aeschylus

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