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Innovation Facilitator, Co-founder Mindwerx International

For more than 25 years Bill’s focus has been on helping people and organizations succeed through the application of Critical & Creative Thinking to Make Innovation Happen.

As co-founder of Mindwerx he has worked with organisations in more than a dozen countries to help them succeed with Applied Creativity & Innovation.

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Author’s name: Bill Jarrard
Organisation: Mindwerx

Mind Maps as developed by Tony Buzan are now used by millions of people globally, and this is another good example.  At Mindwerx we love Mind Mapping, and have free eCourses, Online programs and in-house workshops we can deliver for your organisation. Check out our Advanced Learning Skills programs, which occasionally run as public programs.

Bill Jarrard, co-founder of Mindwerx International also facilitates a range of critical and creative thinking programs, including several workshop looking at Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hat®, Lateral Thinking, and DATT.

He also facilitates strategic thinking workshops with executive team, innovation scums, and our benchmark 90-Day Innovation Challenge.

If you like to know more about the range of Mindwerx creative thinking and advanced learning programs, including how to Mind Map of course, just email the