Super Study Skills for Adult Learners

This Super Study Skills program gives you advanced learning skills for lifelong success.

It is the shortcut to successful studies for university students, adults returning to study, and those attending corporate education programs.

Based on “The Buzan Study Skills Handbook” and incorporating the unique Organic Study Technique, Speed Reading, Memory principles, Mind Maps, and the use of Mind Mapping software, this interactive workshop is designed for people who want to excel with their personal and professional development.

Program Objectives

In a fun, informal and interactive environment, perfect for learning how learn with super study skills, you learn to apply Tony Buzan’s advanced study techniques which have helped millions of people of all ages.

In this workshop participants will explore:

  • Their amazing brain: It’s better than you think, really.
  • Obstacles to effective study and how to overcome them
  • BOST – the Buzan Organic Study Technique
  • The nature of radiant thinking and how to tap into how the brain actually works
  • Mind Mapping – the power tool for note taking and note making
  • iMindMap – the Official Buzan Mind Mapping software
  • Speed and Range Reading techniques to help you read with purpose and effect
  • Super charging your memory and how to understand your learning curves
  • How to capture and comprehend information more easily and with greater completeness and clarity

Benefits / Outline

The structured skills set out in this unique program will quite literally enhance your capability by leaps and bounds.  Running in a range of formats to suit the participants you will learn to:

  • Prepare with confidence for study, exams and tests
  • Read far more quickly and efficiently than you thought possible
  • Note-take and Note-make even more effectively with Mind Maps
  • Memorise and recall what you have learnt far more successfully
  • Power up your thinking and assignments using iMindMap

Your Master Trainer / Facilitator

Jennifer Goddard, co-founder Mindwerx International and the Buzan Centre: Aust/NZ.  Jennifer is Tony Buzan’s Senior Master Trainer, in Mind Mapping, Speed Reading and Enhanced Memory, and she has trained hundreds of teachers advanced learning techniques. Now you can learn from the master.

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