Millionaire Mind Skills

Business Millionaire Jennifer Goddard Books featuring entrepreneurs and business leadersWelcome to the Millionaire Mind Skills page on  This page is dedicated to the concepts, ideas and information contained in the new book Business Millionaire, which features a chapter by Mindwerx co-founder Jennifer Goddard.

Business Millionaire – How to turn your idea into a Million Dollar Business pre-sold 15,000 copies which makes it an instant Best Seller, and it is jam-packed with the kind of information you want to develop a Millionaire Mindset.  

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Business Millionaire – Developing a Millionaire Mindset

Business Millionaire features a group of very special authors, who will show you how to develop a Millionaire Mindset, contributing authors are.

  • Chapter 1       Rob Thompson, All In A Day’s Work
  • Chapter 2       Ari Galper, Unlock The Game®
  • Chapter 3       Linh Hoang Podetti, Outsourcing Angel
  • Chapter 4       Andrew Roberts, Why your Planning Probably Sucks
  • Chapter 5       Dale Beaumont, Business Blueprint
  • Chapter 6 Jennifer Goddard, Mindwerx International
  • Chapter 7       Steven Dixon, Never Give Up
  • Chapter 8       Clare Cope, Values Pendulum®
  • Chapter 9       Brijesh Purohit, Keen to Clean Group
  • Chapter 10     Rod Matthews, Change Starts Here
  • Chapter 11     Evelyn Lundström, First Impressions
  • Chapter 12     Pat Mesiti, Creating a Million $ Business From The Inside Out
  • Chapter 13     Andrew Gideon, Ties ‘n’ Cuffs
  • Chapter 14     Jenny Mao, Diamond Lady
  • Chapter 15     Steve Brossman, Stand out from the Crowd
  • Chapter 16     Daryl Grant, Our Internet Secrets™

What Are The Core Mind Skills Of Millionaires

Along with having the right mindset, the key mind skills used by really successful people fall into 3 distinct but related areas.

  1. First, they know how to Manage Information Overload so they can get more done.  Everyone has the same amount of time each day. Most millionaires get a lot more out of their day.
  2. Second, they understand the reality of intelligence. They know there are multiple ways of being smart, and they know how to tap into their own unique genius and that of others.
  3. And third, people who lead in their field have developed the skill of what we call critical and creative thinking, something my partner Bill Jarrard and I have been concentrating on at Mindwerx for more than 15 years now.
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