Project Description

This is a Mega Mind Map from an MBA Student Project on Obesity and World Hunger, done by a team in my MBA class on Creativity & Innovation.

Projects are worked on over a full semester and students are challenged to look at some big issues in the world.  Then using the Mindwerx Applied Creativity & Innovation process and creative thinking tools, they find a pathway they can work through.

In guiding students, as I do in corporate facilitations and design thinking challenges, I stress the importance of Focus, People, and Time when they plan their projects, and look at how well they use creative thinking tools and innovation processes to make progress.

This Mind Map was a team effort drawn over three classroom whiteboards to identify key issues my students wanted to explore in their project.

The project focused on the juxtaposition of Obesity in much of the world and the challenge of World Hunger in the rest of the world.  They focused on creative ideas to balance awareness of food, and developed an App idea called ‘Food 4 Fairness’ that could now be put through a preliminary Opportunity Evaluation.

Congratulations to Cameron, Gurpreet, Jess, Manu, and Mark.

Lecturer:  Bill Jarrard, Mindwerx International

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