Business Millionaire

Business Millionaire – How to turn your idea into a Million Dollar Business pre-sold 15,000 copies which made it an instant Best Seller as soon as it hit book stores in early September.

It is jam-packed with the kind of information you want to develop that Millionaire Mindset, and is a must have book for anyone interested in learning the secrets of some of the most successful people in the world. 

Chapter 1       Rob Thompson, All In A Day’s Work
Chapter 2       Ari Galper, Unlock The Game®
Chapter 3       Linh Hoang Podetti, Outsourcing Angel
Chapter 4       Andrew Roberts, Why your Planning Probably Sucks
Chapter 5       Dale Beaumont, Business Blueprint
Chapter 6     Jennifer Goddard, Mindwerx International
Chapter 7       Steven Dixon, Never Give Up
Chapter 8       Clare Cope, Values Pendulum®
Chapter 9       Brijesh Purohit, Keen to Clean Group
Chapter 10     Rod Matthews, Change Starts Here
Chapter 11     Evelyn Lundström, First Impressions
Chapter 12     Pat Mesiti, Creating a Million $ Business From The Inside Out
Chapter 13     Andrew Gideon, Ties ‘n’ Cuffs
Chapter 14     Jenny Mao, Diamond Lady
Chapter 15     Steve Brossman, Stand out from the Crowd
Chapter 16     Daryl Grant, Our Internet Secrets™