The Most Important Graph In The World

Quick Steps to a Better Memory, featuring the Most Important Graph in the World reveals the secrets of how to apply principles of memory to drive business and personal success.

The 7.5 memory principles for personal and business success is Tony Buzan’s life work, captured in partnership with Mindwerx co-founder Jennifer Goddard.

the-most-important-graph-in-the-world-bookThe Most Important Graph in the World unleashes powerful truths about our memory and how we learn and behave. Discover how you can use this knowledge to deliver presentations and speeches with real impact, make your PR and marketing resonate, raise your social and emotional IQ, develop your creativity and intelligence, maximise your time, and create a more meaningful, memorable life.

The people and organisations that already understand and employ the power of this graph are the leaders in their respective fields. Learn the secrets behind the success of renowned orators, Olympic athletes and international business magnates through this single graph.

The Most Important Graph in the World won’t just change your perspective, it will change your life.

<h3>Learn how to:</h3>

  •  Manage yourself
  •  Raise your intelligence
  •  Power up your communication
  •  Instantly improve your memory and the memories of those around you

<strong>Spanning memory, creativity, thinking and behaviour – in one single graph, when you read it you will learn:</strong>

  • Why your first experience is remembered so clearly.
  • How your most recent experience impacts your thinking.
  • How everyone can shine.
  • The trick to remembering more.
  • The easy art of storytelling.
  • How misunderstandings occur.
  • To bring meaning into daily life.

Written with Mindwerx International’s co-founder Jennifer Goddard, and a Foreword by Mindwerx’ Bill Jarrard, this new Tony Buzan book takes you step-by-step through understanding how your brain works (and doesn’t work!) in everyday life and what to do about it. The practical examples ensure that as you read your memory, relationships, career, health and finances inevitably develop.

Tony and Jennifer’s new book is a memorable, behaviour-changing experience. Family, career and personal lives are viewed through 7.5 simple perspectives that create awareness with a plan for ANY life activity.