Here are some key actions and exercises that will help increase your speed and ability to manage information overload. These hints and tips come from “The Speed Reading Book” by Tony Buzan and “The Buzan Study Skills Hand Book” (both highly recommended as part of your ongoing journey)…  Enjoy!

  • Decide how much time you are able to set aside for developing your skill. Be realistic – commit to two or three times a week and stick to it. Ideally, you should practice the techniques for 10 minutes every day.
  • Spend one minute previewing the next chapter of a book, then read it fully.
  • Preview everything you read – check out how much knowledge you gain from each preview, and how much more effectively it enables you to understand when you are reading the material for the second time.
  • Use a guide on the next magazine article you read.
  • Organise a five-minute-per-day practice session for accelerating your reading speed with your guide.
  • Occasionally push yourself with the guide, reading a little bit too fast for comfort. This will strengthen the ‘muscle’ of your speed and comprehension.
  • Practice Scanning and Skimming skills on everything you read from now on.
    • Scanning – looking for particular information
    • Skimming – looking for a general overview
  • Power browse a book once a week in 10 minutes. It can be a book you have read as revision or a new book to help you decide what the next steps will be.
  • Select an introductory, easy text on a topic you have always wanted to learn about but have somehow never got around to studying. Apply the Buzan Organic Study Technique to complete the book in less than an hour. Mind Map® the result.
  • Make quick Mind Maps® of books/articles that you want to recall. Keep them in a separate folder or in the front of the book for easy review.

You can download more information with exercises below.  Have fun.


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