The 2015 Mindwerx Innovation Survey investigated the barriers and daily challenges to innovation and creative leadership facing organisations, with some compelling findings.

In our Summary Report we share some of the key insights, to help kickstart your innovative thinking for the year ahead.

The results may not be surprising to some. While innovation is a stated value in most organisations, our survey also seems to reveal it is treated as a non-core business activity, left to product developers, process improvement teams, innovation departments with creative types, or just random acts of inspiration (luck).

But the strategies that ranked above innovation as business priorities were identified by our respondents as the major issues requiring creativity and innovation within their organisations. So what respondents seem to be saying is that Innovation is considered vital in most organisations, but making it happen is a long way off for most.

Download the full Summary now to see what people have been telling us about making innovation happen.

Mindwerx 2015 Innovation Survey Summary.pdf

Over the coming months, we will be sharing more of the survey’s findings through commentary, articles and key steps to help you become more innovative and creative within your organisation.

In particular questions like ‘How do we measure innovation?’ will be discussed.

And if you’d like any more information on our survey, or how Mindwerx can provide you with an Innovation Health Checkup in 2016, contact Bill Jarrard on