Are you increasing the depth and breadth of your customer base with sales systems and sales people that outperform your competitors? 

Are your front line sales and customer relationship people in tune with your existing and potential customers, do they truly understand their desires, needs and decision making values?

Success in selling is the life blood of any company. It doesn’t matter how great your product is, how efficient your processes are, or how happy at work your people are – if you aren’t selling you are going out of business. Some organisations that don’t have clear products or services, or who have customers that are forced to buy from them, will sometimes argue with this notion. However, successful organisations know that in reality every employee must be a sales person.

The challenge for many organisations is that many sales people are still being trained in old style sales techniques that work in the short term, but don’t lead to the customers becoming advocates for your business. While there is much that can be done to research customer needs, what sales people need is brain friendly skills that help them truly understand and relate to their prospects and market.

Brain based sales skills help sales people develop these capabilities by giving them simple tools that will make them stand out from your competitors. Simple things like remembering small details about the customer are important, just as it is for the sales person to be remembered fondly.

The principles and techniques learnt in the Enhanced Memory program are examples of brain based skills that add to the talent in your sales force. When combined with techniques for deliberate creative thinking and managing information, your sales people, in fact all your people, can better deliver of this most critical issue – having sales system success.

There is as much difference between us and ourselves 
as there is between us and others.     … Niccolo Machiavelli