Project Description

CEN Creativity Exchange Network meeting Mind Map 2003 by Jennifer Goddard

The Creativity Exchange Network or CEN (pronounced ken) was started by Mindwerx in Australia in 2001, after Bill and Jennifer attended a CEN-UK meeting in London in the Summer of 2000.  Between 2001 until 2008 we ran dozens of CEN meet-ups hosted by great friends and clients, mostly in Melbourne, and a few in Sydney.

Now that we are back in Melbourne after several years away, (see CEN Background on how we got started) we want to get CEN going again, and have already had one terrific event that explored the power of Imagineering in setting vision and thinking strategically.

We want to re-establish The Creativity Exchange Network as a modern and valuable forum for people interested in or responsible for making creativity thinking and innovation happen.  If that is you, then now is the time to get involved.

CEN will be valuable for people, from all types of organisations, interested in exchanging ideas, issues and recommendations around primarily business creativity and innovation.  We expect that, as with the original CEN, members will include:

  • Innovation Leads, OD professionals, and change agents in all types and sizes of organisation
  • CEOs, senior executives, and HR Learning & Development leaders who are creating an environment where creative thinking and innovation flourish
  • Leaders and specialists from organisations such as new tech companies, offering unique and valuable insights, products or services that accelerate creativity and innovation (the aim is to exchange ideas, issues, solutions etc. not push products)
  • Anyone versed with knowledge and experience in the broad areas of creativity, innovation, and intra/entrepreneurship who want to mingle with other like-minded people sharing and exchanging ideas on how to make innovation a successful business strategy.

Author’s name: Jennifer Goddard
Organisation: Mindwerx

Jennifer is Tony Buzan’s master trainer in Mind Mapping.  If you’d like to work with Jennifer she does a lot of coaching on Mind Mapping, Speed Reading and Memory.  And she is a great presenter for your next conference.  If you’d like to work with her email us at

Mind Maps as developed by Tony Buzan are now used by millions of people globally, and this is another great example.  At Mindwerx we love Mind Mapping, and have free eCourses, Online programs and in-house workshops we can deliver for your organisation. Check out our Advanced Learning Skills programs.