Years ago when I actually worked for a living, (I like telling people I’m not a consultant, I’ve just been  successfully unemployed for 23 years), I always enjoyed joining other people in the lift around quitting time.

As I entered a crowded elevator I’d say something like ‘Thank God It’s Friday’ and everyone usually piped up with similar expressions.  But then I’d finish with ‘yeah, it’s great, only two days until Monday’, and of course everyone would moan or laugh at my ‘joke’.

But most weeks for me it wasn’t a joke, I really did love Friday because there were only two days until Monday, and I loved Monday’s even more.  And why wouldn’t I?

After all the weekend was a time to relax, play with kids, get together with family and friends, get outdoors, maybe have a romantic dinner out. It was time to recharge so the coming week could start with energy and creativity.

Staying-FocusedI loved Monday. I’d always arrive at my office by 7:00 am because that usually gave me an hour before any of my managers or staff would arrive. This was my time to set my focus and goals for the week.  In those days we didn’t have email, but we did have memos and there were always plenty in my inbox, but that first hour of Monday wasn’t for ‘doing work’, it was for focusing and planning.

My mentor in those days has taught me well, particularly about how to focus. I’d started with him as a Senior Analyst doing a job no one had ever done, and over the next 5 years moved through the ranks, to manager, then senior manager, and finally chief manager.

My eight year career was one of constant challenge and change, one I relished, but without focus I could never have done it.

And that was what Monday mornings were, and still are, all about. Planning what I’m going to do – today, this week, this month, and on occasion with the rest of my life.  Then each day I take a few minutes at the start of the day to review, reflect, and if needed revise priorities to align to my focus.

How well do you focus?

We all have a lot of things to do each day, some days I don’t know how I’ll ever manage, but for more than 35 years now I just return to the routine I learnt so many years ago. I just stop and take time to focus and prioritize, and then I get back to it.

So as this week try to take some time to focus. Then if you find it’s making a difference, continue doing it. Make Monday mornings special, and when you’re setting your priorities be sure to plan in some fun time while you’re at it.

And be sure to tell your family you love them, particularly your kids.

Have a fantastic week.