Brain Training to Increase Your Intellectual Capital

Upgrade Your Neck-Top Computer®

brain-training-australiaMindwerx Brain Training programs, insights, coaching solutions, and Qualified Instructor programs help you ‘Upgrade Your Neck-Top Computer®’ – that is boost the power of your amazing brain so you can excel at accomplishing the important tasks that challenge us all today.

Since founding Mindwerx in 1998 and then the Buzan Centre in 2001, we have shared Tony Buzan’s passion and lifelong goal for Global Mental Literacy – that is gaining an understanding of how your amazing brain works, and how to use it better.

So we are proud to provide you with a range of ways to do that…

Advanced Learning Skills

Individuals who have advanced learning and study skills, such as speed reading, Mind Mapping, and enhanced memory, learn faster, contribute more, creatively solve problems, and ultimately become more successful.  It just makes sense, and the beauty of it is that anyone can learn these skills to get ahead.

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Coaching with Master Trainers

For those who want specially designed lessons, one-on-one coaching is the perfect answer.  We will design a coaching solution and plan to suit your needs and time, ensure far faster take-up of new skills, and in most cases you will start applying these on real issues during the learning experience.

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Qualified Instructor Programs

Mindwerx International offers a range of Qualified Facilitator and Instructor programs that Train the Trainer and provide participants with everything they need to offer the range of programs we have presented and facilitated globally.

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Mind Stuff

The Mindwerx Mind Stuff pages give you access to a wide range of items, from Mind Maps, articles, templates and tools, to fun images and sayings.  Have fun exploring this area and visit it often as we add new stuff all the time.

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