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report-reading-graphs-250As we discover great new articles on creativity, innovation, how the mind works, learning, intelligence and more we will either post or summarise them here.  Where papers are copyrighted we will endeavour to provide the links to them, and if you have an article you would like to publish with us, please send a copy of it to and we’ll get back you as quickly as possible.

In future the full collection of Mindwerx Articles and White Papers will be made available to subscribers and existing corporate clients participating in our Blended or Online programs.

Wherever possible, a word cloud has been created for each article so that you can see the key words contained in the article.

Articles and papers currently available are listed on the navigation area on the right side of this page. And if you spot an article or paper that you think we should include here please let us know on

Innovation Is Simple – But Not Easy!

Strategic Innovation Innovation is Simple, but Not Easy!  This is a lesson many people are now learning. Having studied continuous improvement, creative thinking and innovation since the early 1980s, having read dozens of books and

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Imagineering Power Visualisation And Action

I’ll only believe it when I see it!  You’ll only see it when you believe it!  Which one is correct? Are they both correct? If so, which comes first?  These are tough questions, and perhaps

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Measuring And Managing For Innovation

The Mindwerx 2015 Innovation Survey identified a number of concerns and questions in relation to making Innovation happen, with a BIG one being ‘how to measure Innovation’.  We’re working on an in-depth paper on this